Issue with Spanish TTS on ChromeOS v119+
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Issue with Spanish TTS on ChromeOS v119+

Jan 18, 2024

Because of a recent change Google has made in ChromeOS, Chromebooks running version 119 or later will no longer have Spanish voice packs for text-to-speech installed by default. The consequence of this change is that students will not be able to activate text-to-speech on Spanish text in the Secure Browser on those Chromebooks. CAI has been actively working with Google, but unfortunately there does not appear to be a quick fix that can be implemented systematically for all devices. As both our organizations continue to investigate options, there are three recommendations for students who need Spanish text-to-speech during the upcoming test administration:

  1. Arrange for students to use another device for testing.
  2. Administer the test using a Chromebook that is still running a version of ChromeOS before 119.
  3. Install the Spanish voice pack manually using the following steps:
  • Enable the option for the ‘floating accessibility toolbar’ in the ChromeOS Management Console. This must be done by the system administrator.
  • Open the Secure Browser on the device(s) that need a Spanish voice pack
  • Click on the new floating toolbar in the right-hand corner of the screen and choose settings
  • Install the Spanish voice pack
  • Disable the option for the floating accessibility menu in the ChromeOS Management Console again. This is required

We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused, and we will continue pursuing an acceptable solution in the meantime.

For questions or assistance, please contact the Montana Help Desk at 1-877-365-7915 or

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