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Resource Description
Accessing the Alternate Science Practice Test /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/Alt_PracticeTest_Guide.pdf
This document provides an overview of how to access the Alternate Science Practice Test and how to begin a test. 
Alternate Accessibility Guidelines /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/AMSA_Accessibility-Guidelines.pdf
This document is intended to provide guidance for Montana school district personnel who must make decisions about testing special student populations on the Alternate Montana Science Assessment (AMSA).
Braille Sample PRN File /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/prnsample.prn
Braille Sample BRF File /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/brfsample.brf

These resources contain sample BRF and PRN files used for configuring settings for Braille software.

Multiplication Table (Non-Embedded Accommodation) /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/MULTIPLICATION-TABLE-1-12.pdf
This multiplication table may be used as a mathematics non-embedded accommodation for students with a documented and persistent calculation disability in grades 4–8 and 11.
Smarter Balanced Braille Hybrid Adaptive Test (HAT) /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/SBAC_braille-hybrid-adaptive-test.pdf
This document provides an overview of the Braille Hybrid Adaptive Test (HAT) option for students taking the Smarter Balanced Mathematics summative test.
Smarter Balanced Braille Test Options /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/SBAC_braille-options.pdf
This document outlines the available Braille options for students taking the Smarter Balanced ELA and Mathematics tests.
Student Response Check (SRC) in paper /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/AMSA_StudentResponseCheck.pdf

This paper form of the AMSA Student Response Check is a task that needs to be completed prior to testing by the Teacher (TE) administering the Alternate Science Assessment to evaluate a student’s response capabilities. This content-neutral assessment provides an opportunity to observe and confirm the student’s mode of response.

Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations Guidelines /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/2020-2021_MT_UAAG.pdf
Updated August 24, 2020

This manual provides guidelines for educators in Montana to use for the administration of usability and accessibility supports for instruction and assessment of all students, including students with disabilities, English language learners (ELLs), ELLs with disabilities, and students without an identified disability or status for the following assessments: Smarter Balanced Assessments and Montana Science Assessments.