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Embedded Universal Tools and Online Features Module /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/Embedded-Universal-Tools-and-Online-Features_Module.pptx
This module provides a general overview of the embedded universal tools and online features available for English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments in the Test Delivery System.
Online Reporting System Training Module /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/ORS-Module-Fall-2019-2020_FINAL.pptx
This module explains how to navigate the Online Reporting System (ORS) for Smarter Balanced assessment reports, including participation reports and score reports.  It is intended for System Test Coordinators and Teachers.
Student Interface Training Module /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/TA-Interface-Module-2019-2020_FINAL.pptx
Updated September 11, 2019

This module explains how to navigate the Student Interface. It provides an overview of how students log into the testing system and select a test, the layout of the test, functionality of the test tools, and how students navigate through the test. It is intended to familiarize educators with the student interface and testing experience.

TA Interface Training Module /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/TA-Interface-Module-2019-2020_FINAL.pptx

This module presents an overview on how to navigate the Test Administrator (TA) Interface. It is intended for educators who will be administering tests in the Online Testing System, and can be used as a training tool and resource for review of the system. 

Note: This is an additional resource to the TA Certification Course. The TA Certification Course must be completed to administer an online test in the Online Testing System.

Technology Requirements Training Module /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/Technology-Requirements-Module-2019-2020.pptx
Updated January 30, 2020

This module provides current information about technology requirements, site readiness, supported devices, and secure browser installation.

Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) Training Modue /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/TIDE-Module-2019-2020_FINAL.pptx

This module provides an overview of the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). It includes information on logging into TIDE, managing user accounts, managing student information, rosters, and appeals. It is intended for District/School Test Coordinators, Test Administrators, and Teachers.

What is a CAT? Training Module /core/fileparse.php/1579/urlt/What-is-a-CAT_Module.pptx
This module describes what a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) is and how it works when taking English Language Arts and Mathematics online assessments.