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This page provides information for the Smarter Balanced Assessment System.


  • Becoming a Certified Proctor

    Test administrators are required to complete the online TA Certification Course and acknowledge the Test Security Agreement for the 2020-2021 school year in order to administer tests. The Steps to Become Certified to Proctor a Test outlines how to complete the Test Administrator Certification Course and acknowledge the Test Security Agreement in TIDE. Users will not be able to proctor an online assessment and receive access to the Test Administration Site for the interim or summative assessments without completing the steps.

    Added September 11, 2020
  • Smarter Balanced Interims Are Now Available

    Smarter Balanced Math/ELA interims are live as of August 24, 2020.

    Added August 24, 2020
  • Fall 2020 Interim Benchmark Assessments

    Information and resources regarding the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment for Fall 2020 can be found on the Office of Public Instruction website. There are several resources to help educators better understand the interim assessments, how to access them and how to use them: http://opi.mt.gov/Leadership/Assessment-Accountability/MontCAS/Interim-Assessment#83893670-fall-2020-interim-benchmarks.

    Added July 29, 2020
  • Chrome Version 72 Now Supported

    Google released a new dot version of ChromeOS v72, version 72.0.3626.119. CAI has confirmed this version resolved the previously identified issue that prevented users from accessing CAI testing sites. If your school had already upgraded to v72, please ensure you upgrade to this or a later dot version of 72. If your school has not upgraded to v72, you may do so at your discretion, ensuring you upgrade to this or a later dot version of 72.

    Added February 27, 2019
  • Chrome Version 72 – Unable to Access CAI Testing Sites

    Google released a new Chrome version on Friday and CAI has identified an issue with Chrome version 72 that prevents users from accessing CAI testing sites. Google and CAI are currently working on a fix. Chromebooks on ChromeOS v71 or earlier are not affected. If you are on a version of ChromeOS earlier than 72, do not upgrade your devices to ChromeOS v72. It is also recommended that you turn off auto-updates to prevent this upgrade before a fix is identified.

    If your district has already upgraded devices to Chrome version 72, another platform will need to be used to test until a fix is released. Once the fix is released by Google and CAI confirms that this issue is resolved, we will post notification that users may upgrade to 72.

    Added February 13, 2019

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