Frequently Asked Questions about Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions about Reporting

What is the Reporting System?

The Reporting System provides student performance reports for interim and summative assessments. The reporting consists of a Dashboard page and various assessment reports. The Dashboard provides a summary of all the assessments associated with a particular user or institution, and the assessment reports provide detailed performance data for each of those assessments. The Reporting System is accessed through the Montana portal. Assessment reports are available at various levels within a district. Access to each assessment report depends on your user role. For more information about user roles, see the User Roles and Access document.

Is the turn-around time for Interim Assessment scores dependent on completing and submitting the hand-scored items?

Yes. The turn-around time to see Interim Assessment scores in the Reporting System will depend on when the school or test administrator completes the hand-scoring process. While some tests are fully machine scored, there are some items that still require teacher handscoring within the Reporting System.

Why are some targets in the interim target reports marked as having ""Insufficient Information""?

Due to the nature of the CAT and random distribution of PT, sometimes the number of items presented to a group that meet that target is too small to calculate an accurate score. In the CAT, the blueprint doesn't require that every student receives an item for every target. Therefore, at the aggregate level, the number of students per target varies across targets. When the number of students per target is too small, the target is flagged as insufficient.

When can I expect to see my student's scores?

Preliminary student reports and scores for the Smarter Balanced summative assessments are provided in the Reporting System within two weeks of a student completing both components of their test (CAT and PT). OPI administered an operational field test for MSA and AMSA for the 2021-2022 school year. Scores are expected to be available in the Fall of 2022.